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You can't set a global variable in JS and simply make that value stay after loading the page again. There are a couple of ways you could store the value in another place so that you can initialize it on load using JavaScript Yes and no. When you switch to another HTML page, the Javascript code will be loaded and initialized again, so you will be at point zero again. Ways around this: 1.

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Use the HTTP Referrer variable to identify details about the page that brought the … If you create a variable inside the scope of the session_start () method, it will only be available inside that method. If you store a value in application or session state, those are accessible throughout your application. For example: Hide Copy Code. string myAppTitle = (string)Application ["appTitle"]'. Here's a primer [ ^] on application Is a persistent global variable now only accessible by the PDF hat created it? I want to declare a variable, set by the user, and store it, so that if they open one of our other documents that setting stored by the variable is known by the second document.

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const $ = window.$;. This makes it clear you are using a global variable intentionally rather than because Edit t May 15, 2017 With the rise of large single page applications, Javascript and CSS have become increasingly intertwined.

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Let’s see the simple example of global variable in JavaScript.